Friday, May 2, 2008

The man of my dreams

The qualities I want in a man:

1. A good human being - a kind, caring, loving, affectionate person, has a generous and giving nature, is considerate of others. He is honest, decent and fair-minded, has integrity and character.

2. Emotionally healthy and strong, a good listener, likes himself and is confident but unassuming.

3. A true kindred spirit, my likeness. We are very alike and compatible. We are made of the same stuff, cut from the same cloth. We know and understand each other so well. He feels the same way I do about important things.

4. Likes and gets along with my parents and I like and get along with his parents. We feel very comfortable and 'at home' in each others' homes.

5. Is from a similar social/cultural background. The boy next door. A true Bangalorean in spirit.

6. Attractive, has a nice voice and speaks well. Charming and a good flirt. Kisses well. Really attracts me and gives me butterflies. Is insanely attracted to me and thinks I'm beautiful.

7. Sexually experienced and great in bed. We are really compatible sexually and have great sex!

8. Bright and intelligent and knows a lot of stuff.

9. Interesting and fun. We have great conversations and can talk for ages without getting bored or running out things to say. We are also comfortable doing nothing and sharing silence. We have deep, intellectual conversations and also lighthearted, goofy ones. We have so much fun together - it's a blast. We love spending time together and look forward to it.

10. Has a great sense of humour, entertaining and a good mimic. Makes me laugh like crazy and laughs at my jokes.

11. Musically talented, sings well and/or plays a musical instrument.

12. Is talented and likes acting, reading and writing and movies and music. We have similar tastes in books and movies and love to read/watch movies together. He loves old movies and children's literature.

13. A homebody, enjoys indoor activities and relaxing at home. His lifestyle is similar to mine.

14. A true feminist, egalitarian and does not believe in gender stereotypes.

15. Idealistic and down-to-earth and wants to live a simpler, slower-paced, more old-fashioned way of life. He doesn't show off about money, is not materialistic or a workaholic. He values family and makes us his No. 1 priority.

16. Responsible and hard-working and knows how to manage money.

17. Admires me tremendously in all the important ways and is completely blown away and impressed with me. He sweeps me off my feet, I admire him so much. We are so proud and glad to be together.

18. Believes in me and my talents and encourages and supports my dreams. Is my cheerleader and wants the best for me.

19. Comforts and supports me when I'm down. He is my rock. My best stay and comfort.

20. We really 'click' and connect deeply emotionally. We are comfortable being ourselves, revealing our deepest thoughts, feelings and life story. We share a passionate love and deep connection. We are madly in love and blissfully happy.