Wednesday, April 2, 2008


This is what I want most out of my life at present:

1. I want to be happy and positive and optimistic, filled with joy and laughter and looking forward to each new day

2. I want to be in a happy, loving, passionate, fulfilling relationship with the right man for me

3. I want a successful and fulfilled acting career in movies

4. I want a close group of friends that I see often, who care about me, get me and are there for me.

5. I want to develop my mind and talents to the fullest and to receive admiration, appreciation and recognition for them from the world at large

6. I want to be popular, liked and accepted wherever I go

7. I want to own and live in a lovely well-run home with my family, in a nice area

8. I want to write a novel

9. I want to live a slower-paced, balanced life with enough time to savour each aspect.

10. I want an excellent wardbrobe and book collection

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